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Events Center

Lakeview Events Center consists of 100 acres, a private spring-fed lake, woods, nine structures, an orchard, a vineyard and beautiful surroundings.  The former YMCA day camp has been totally renovated and updated offering the perfect events center that it is today. 


Lakeview is a green facility boasting 48 solar panels that power the property. To date we have produced over 90 million watts reducing carbon emissions by 150,000 pounds, resulting in a negative carbon footprint.  We highly encourage the use of earth-friendly products and recycling.  Recycle receptacles are placed throughout the property, and the owners properly dispose of the recyclables and waste at the end of each event.  We love Mother Earth and do all we can to protect her.


Combine your special day's plans with nature.  You'll be thrilled you chose Lakeview Events Center and it's beautiful surroundings.

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